The Design

Alkhateeb Industries presents new concepts of uniqueness, distinction, and integrated services. As a team of engineers, technicians, craftsmen, and quality controllers presents specialized services which reflect the personal taste, lifestyle, and diversified needs of every individual and project, from design, materials, color palettes, to measurements, dimensions, and all the tiny details in order to transfer clients requirements and vision to tangible reality.

This is followed by presenting the client with 3D designs to help him visualize, amend, and guarantee a flawless execution. Each and every design in unique; however they are all labeled by Alkhateeb.

The Fabrics

Alkhateeb Industries features latest fabric selections by the biggest international brands which suit home furniture upholstery, offices ad curtains for different budgets, styles and purposes.



We at Alkhateeb Industries, have an integrated facility that can design and manufacture internal and external doors that suits the style and architecture method used, whether traditional or modern.

In cooperation with our international partners who are specialized companies in the domain of manufacturing, we also provide fireproof doors or any kind of doors to be used in large scale projects.