About the company

Since 1948, Alkhateeb Industries Company started its journey when Alkhateeb carpentry workshop opened its doors by Mr. Oqab Alkhateeb to be the one of the first and oldest in Kuwait. Throughout more than 65 years of work, creativity, and perfection, Alkhateeb carpentry workshop witnessed major milestones, including the establishment of a 4400m2 factory in Sabhan Industrial area equipped with the latest machineries in the furniture industry, expanding its production like to cater for all the governmental offices, private villas, and buildings in terms of carpentry works and wooden furniture, enhancing the showroom to meet the high demand of individuals and families for furniture and interior design, establishing Alkhateeb Company in 1988 in the fields of constructions and contracting, interior and exterior design, selling fabrics, and ready and custom-made hospitality and offices furniture.

Today, Alkhateeb Industries is one of the biggest and oldest working companies in Kuwait and the region, and it enjoys a solid reputation and a track record in executing private, commercial, and State's projects in different sectors with world class standards supported by a big qualified team, high capabilities, and enhanced technologies, while following strict guidelines in production and quality control, and managing expenses effectively.

The Factory

In Sabhan Industrial Area, Alkhateeb Industries Factory produces carpentry, furniture, and decor according to the best international standards, and through a sophisticated process from design to delivery including sample tests, manufacturing, and quality tests.

In our strive to maintain our leadership in the market by providing quality finishing, Alkhateeb Industries imported new CNC, laser engraving & cutting equipment and a new production line with the latest machinery that was assembled in the factory.

In our journey seeking high standards & quality, the factory was awarded the international certifications featured below:

The Showroom

In the heart of the Capital, and on an over 600m2, lays Alkhateeb Industries Showroom, one of the largest locally manufactured furniture, fabrics, and decor showrooms in The State of Kuwait. Under its roof, a wide selection of products and services is offered, with a friendly and experienced team of salespersons and engineers to assist clients in their decisions and provide comprehensive information in a quiet and comfortable ambience.